IT Support Team


Name Designation
Er. Mansoor Ahmad Dhar Network Engineer (Contractual) 
Er. Salib Shafi Khan Network Engineer (Contractual)
Er. Rouf Ahmad Mir Junior Project Engineer (Contractual)
Er. Khalid Mehboob Shah Junior Project Engineer (Contractual) 
Er. Tufail Farooq Kanth Junior Project Engineer (Contractual)  
Mr. Asif Bashir Network Assistant
Er. Saajid Siraj Bala Trainee(Contractual)
Mr. Suhail Shafi Shah Computer Operator
Mr. Khurshid Alam Computer Operator
Mr. Basir Ahmad Technical Officer 
Ms. Shazia Ali Web Assistant(Contractual)
Mr. Sameer Ahmad   Library Bearer
Mr. Riyaz Ahmad Khan Network Helper (Contractual)
Mr. Mehraj-ud-Din Bhat Electrician (Contractual)

*Position of the name does not indicate seniority.