This system has been developed to automate all admission processes of the university. Students no longer need to come physically to the University to submit admission forms for various courses; instead the forms can be submitted online from any place with an access to the Internet. The form fees can be paid through online mode using payment gateway or can be paid through offline mode in any branch of the JK Bank and can be reconciled online with the forms submitted.









File tracking system is an application to monitor the files and assist in their easy tracking. It is an integrated package which has features such as , opening of new files, tracking the movement of the files, dispatch of letters/files and finally records management.

The application has been developed to provide clear visibility of the file movement throughout the file approval process and offers an efficient electronic system. This electronic system makes file tracking and retrieval easy. The system provides various functionalities to different users



 URL fts.uok.edu.in or  egov.uok.edu.in/fts




KU Android Mobile app allows students/employees to be updated about all the notifications/events/latest news of the University. This application allows students to check status of various applications like Result/Student Academic Details/Certificate dispatch status etc

Using this app a user can view:

1. Coming events.

2. Notifications about various things like admissions, jobs, tenders, etc.
3. Student details, results, migration status, etc
4. Integrated notification from all departments/campuses
5. Employee salary statement and attendance
6. Department information and location
7. Telephone Directory

8. And various other feautures





This application has been developed to allow students to retrieve results of their respective courses. With the help of this application, a student can view/print the result by simply entering his/her name or roll number or registration number in the search box. 







 URL: http://egov.uok.edu.in/Results




With the help of this application a student can apply for reevaluation by selecting the desired paper/subject, also it enables the student to check the status of his/her application.







 URL: http://egov.uok.edu.in/ReEvaluation/




With the help of this application, a student can apply for the proper migration of his details from University of Kashmir to the University to which he/she is migrating for further studies. A student can also check the status of his migration using this application.







URL: http://egov.uok.edu.in/courseinfo/migration/prelogin/Instructions.aspx




With the help of this application, a student can check his/her registration status. He/she can also verify the correctness of the particulars entered in his/her registration form.







URL: http://egov.uok.edu.in/courseinfo/pgstatus/default.aspx




After submitting the stream change application form in the registration section manually, a student can check the stream change status online using this application. 







URL: http://egov.uok.edu.in/courseinfo/streamchange/prelogin/streamchangestatus.aspx




This software has been developed as a solution for the Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance for collection and maintaining annual self-assessment for the performance based approval system. It caters  both individual faculty member as well as departments/Centers.






URL: http://kashmiruniversity.net/diqa/




The University Registration System is  capable of registering about 1 Lakh Students every year appearing in various UG, PG and Professional Courses. Also capable of storing academic details of all the UG, PG and Professional Courses students from 2005 onwards.






 URL http://egov.uok.edu.in/courseinfo/




This application comes with a variety of functionalities for students of KU.With the help of this application a student can download the examination forms for all the UG/PG courses (Professional/Non-professional). After submitting the examination form, students can download their admit cards, can check their eligibility,fee status and results of their respective courses.






URL http://egov.uok.edu.in/eConduct/




e-Awards System offers assignment of evaluation papers, entry of marks, management of deadlines, online evaluator billing and automatic compilation of the provisional results at the University of Kashmir. This spans all postgraduate, undergraduate (professional), diploma and certificate programmes offered by the University.






 URL http://egov.uok.edu.in/Transit




It is a complete solution for JKSET OMR based exam. This application enable the candidates to apply online as well as it helps to prepare admit card/ attendance sheet/center notices and post conduct operations like scanning of OMR sheets and generation of Merit/Selection lists.






URL http://egov.uok.edu.in/jkset/prelogin/GetMySETCertificate.aspx?active=lnk2 




This application has been developed for University Estates Section. It is capable of handling University accommodation allocation process, maintain insurance records, stock entry records etc.







URL http://kashmiruniversity.net/estates




The e-tutorials application has been developed in order to bridge the gap of location between the students and tutors. With the help of this service Faculty can log in and upload their respective tutorials. The students are able to select their respective Course, year/sem,batch and subject to get the corresponding tutorials. UG, PG and Distance education e-tutorials are available by clicking on the relevant link.





 URL http://egov.uok.edu.in/elearning




The ‘online recruitment system’ has been developed to enable the applicant to apply for various teaching / non-teaching positions online. The system enhances the selection process by reducing the overall time taken for selection of an applicant by automating processes like API score generation, auditing, report generation, fee payment, etc. The e-Recruitment system allows recruitment section to take advantage of the latest trends in online recruitment process, helping them manage all stages of the recruitment process. The system also saves time of an applicant by allowing him to enter application details only once and copy/clone the entered details while applying for different post. The applicants can also get help about the portal at 'recsupport@uok.edu.in'


The API score generated by the system is as per the UGC guidelines (Amendment- IV). 

 URL http://www.kashmiruniversity.net/Recruitment 




The Kashmir University Content Management System (KUCMS) allows departments to replace their old DotNetNuke websites to new website using latest developments in web technologies like responsive design, AJAX, etc. KUCMS also integrates with DIQA web application where a faculty member can decide what information to display on his/her personal page. KUCMS allows for creation of custom pages for faculty. KUCMS also provides search functionality for the user where user can search the site for some info. KUCMS has many other features like google map for location of the department, cross linking of information, etc.








KU Department Management System:

Department Management System is envisioned to cater to the Software needs of all the Departments. Initially Inventory Management Module has been added which helps in store(s) management of the department. This module shows the real time status of the items in store and also shows which item has been issued to which employee.Through this module, user can also request the item which can be approved or rejected through the system itself. This module helps the store manager to maintain the minimum number of items in Store by giving reports about items that are low in quantity.